Instructions for the tDCS device

These are the descriptions and instructions for the tDCS device that I build. I’m not selling these anymore but I am building a new one that will be ready in March.

Items in the kit

  • The tDCS device
  • One set of electrodes
  • One 9 volt battery
  • One headband

Description of the device
When the device is turned on it can generate a current of between 0.3 mA and 2.1 mA. The knob on the device lets you increase or decrease the amount of current. The light emitting diode is an indication of the state of the device. When the device is turned off the diode will not emit any light. When the device is turned on the diode will emit more light the more current that is flowing through the device.

The black wire is the anode (ground) and the red wire is the cathode (source).

How to change the battery
Turn off the device and turn it upside down. Remove the phillips screws and separate the top part from the bottom part. Remove the old battery from the snap and insert a new 9 volt battery.

How to get new electrodes
You can build the electrodes yourself. Here are the instructions (only Swedish).

Placement of the electrodes
There are many ways the electrodes can be placed and each placement will give a different effect. For a list of possible placements of the electrodes please visit Reddit.

More information
For more information about tDCS visit Reddit.

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